Establishment History

The Cyprus Potato Marketing Board (CPMB) was established in 1964 to promote the marketing of Cyprus potatoes. Until April 2004 it was the sole exporter under the relevant Law. From 1 May 2004 Cyprus became a full member of the European Union and the marketing of the Cypriot potato was fully liberalised. CPMB continues the work with great success in free market conditions and is the largest exporter of Cyprus potatoes, having in its ranks more than 50% of the potato producers of Cyprus.

The majority of the potato producers of Cyprus are organized into Potato Producers Companies which are the Cyprus Potato Producers Group (POP), the Cyprus Producers Company (KYPEP) and the SEP (Potato Producers Company) which cooperate exclusively with the Board.

The CPMB undertakes the planning of production (quantities, varieties, etc.), packing, shipping and marketing of the product in foreign markets.

The CPMB systematically exports to about 20 countries, mainly in Western Europe.

The potatoes of CPMB are certified with GLOBALGAP, TESCO NURTURE MODULE, GRASP, SEDEX and IFS and have a full traceability.

With the primary goal of satisfying the particular preferences and requirements of consumers in more than 20 countries, the CPMB produce various varieties which are packed in various sizes and special packages.

The main varieties are:
Multi-purpose varieties: Spunta, Marfona, Vivaldi, Maris Piper, Marabel, etc.
Salad potatoes: Nicola, Glorietta, Annabelle, Alliance, Monique, charlotte, La Ratte, etc.
Floury: Cara.
“Mini” (Babies): Nicola, Charlotte, La Ratte, Annabelle etc.
Bakers: Cara, Marfona.
For frying: Cara, Maris Piper, Agria, Saggita etc.

The potatoes are packed in bags of 12.5 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, Jumbo (750,1000 and 1250 kg), boxes of 500 kg and other sizes according to the requirements of the customers. Also in 3 kg nets.

The tubers are usually graded in 25-38 mm, 35-55 mm, 45+ mm, 65+ mm,72+ mm etc.

All potatoes exported by the CPMB are grown in red soil rich in iron and other trace elements that are necessary for the growth of strong and healthy plants and the production of excellent quality product with a particularly pleasant taste.

All CPMB potatoes have full traceability and are labelled with all the details of the producer, variety, size and weight of the potatoes. All producers cooperating with the Board apply good agricultural practices and keep all the necessary information for each plot they cultivate.

The above are a prerequisite for receiving of potatoes from the CPMB. All exported potatoes are checked at all stages of cultivation, harvesting, packing and in any case before loading for export by experienced agronomists of CPMB, as well as by the Inspection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture which issues the necessary phytosanitary certificate, where needed.

Composition of the Board

The Council shall consist of the Chairman and 11 members.

The Chairman and the Members are appointed by the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, who is the Minister responsible for the Board.

According to the Law of the Cyprus Potato Marketing Board, out of the 11 members, eight represent the interests of the producers and one represents the interests of the Cooperative Movement.

Two Members represent the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment and the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism.