Dear Visitors,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the official website of the Cyprus Potato Marketing Board (CPMB). The monopoly regime that for 40 years regulated Cypriot potato exports was terminated by (Amendment) (No.2) Law of 2004 which was published in the Official Journal of the Republic and entered into force on 30.4.2004, ‘i.e the priority of Cyprus’ accession to the European Union.

On the basis of the relevant legislation and in the conditions of free market, the CPMB has the duty to take all necessary measures and to take all the necessary measures to ensure the most beneficial and economic arrangements for the provision of seed potatoes, packing grading, transport, marketing, export, shipping and sale of potatoes on foreign markets and at the spot market for the benefit of farmers organized by companies who enter into an agreement with the Board above on an integrated and annual basis.

The website is addressed to all interested parties in Cyprus and abroad. It is addressed first and foremost to the potato growers of Cyprus with the aim of their complete information/training. It is also addressed to our first clients, our dealers and in general to potato traders, supermarkets and even consumers in the European Union and elsewhere, who will be able to be informed validly and quickly about the Board’s products and in general its news and the decisions of the CPMB concerning them. We believe that the information it contains will be useful and will receive the attention of many others interested in potato growing of Cyprus.

We are confident that CPMB through its website will upgrade the provision of information and services with the aim always of its best and most substantial contribution to solving the problems faced by the Cypriot potato cultivation.

From the Board of Directors of the CPMB